Foster Home Application


Please fill in this form if you would like to be a foster home for Berners in the rescue program who are awaiting a forever home.  We try to match dogs with foster homes that will best fit their needs and personality so please describe your home environment as completely as possible.

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Type of home?  (house, condominium, apartment, etc.)
Do you rent or own? Rent       Own
Please describe your yard:  size, fence type, fence height, etc.  If you don't have a yard please describe where you exercise your dogs.
Please describe your pets.  How many and what types of animals live in your home?  What are their ages?  Males or females? Temperaments?
Please describe you family.  How many adults?  How many children and what are their ages? 
Please describe your day.  Is someone home during the day?  How many hours, if any, will the dog be alone?  Can someone take the dog to veterinary appointments?
Can you foster a dog of either sex? Male Only    Female Only    Either Sex
Can you foster an intact dog? Either Sex Intact    Intact Male Only    Intact Female Only    Neutered or Spayed Only
Can you foster a bitch in season? Yes       No
Can you foster a dog with medical or physical problems (needs medication given, needs post surgery confinement, etc? Yes       No
Can you foster a dog who cannot climb stairs? Yes       No
Please describe any other restrictions you have regarding the types of dogs you can foster.

Philip Shaffer, last update 11/27/2013