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Breeders many apply for breeder referral service on line by filling out the form below. You will receive conformation of your application by e-mail.



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Are you a BMDCR voting member in good standing? Y   N
Have you paid a yearly $5.00 referral fee to the BMDCR? Y   N
Are both the sire and dam registrable with the AKC? Y   N
Have both the sire and dam been evaluated by the OFA for both hip and elbow dysplasia? Y   N
Are both the sire and dam over 18 months of age? Y   N
Will the puppies be sold with a health guarantee subject to a veterinarian's exam within 48 hours of sale? Y   N
Are both the sire and dam entered in the Berner-Garde? Y   N
Will you provide a complete litter entry to the Berner-Garde? Y   N



AKC Name
Reg. No

Philip Shaffer, last update 11/23/13