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Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue Organizations

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies Rescue

The BMDCR rescue program rescues and places approximately 20 Berners per year, primarily in Colorado and the surrounding states.  The adoption fee is $300.00.  Berners come into the program for many reasons and at all ages however puppies are very rare.  If you are interested in adopting please visit the web site and fill out the online application.  If you need to re-home your dog please call one of the co-chairpersons below.

Co-chairs     Ann Rutherford     303-697-0258
      Phil Shaffer     303-832-3417

Berner Auction Rescue Coalition (BARC)

BARC is a non profit organization that rescues Berners from exploitive situations such as puppy mills and dog auctions.

President     Amy Kessler

Other Bernese Rescue Groups

The various regional Berner clubs around the country have individual rescue committees for their respective areas.  Also, the national club (BMDCA) has a rescue chairperson to help coordinate efforts.

BMDCA Chairperson