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B1 The Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs Russ
B2 The Complete Bernese Mountain Dog Simonds
B3 The Standard Book of Dog Breeding Grossman
B4 The New Dog Steps  (see companion video below) Elliott
B5 Illustrated Standard of the Bernese Mountain Dog BMDCA
B6 Therapy Dogs Davis
B7 Canine Hip Dysplasia Lanting
B8 The New Bernese Mountain Dog Smith
B9 Good bye My Friend Montgomery
B10 The Mentally Sound Dog Clark/Boyer
B11 201 ways to enjoy your dog Milon
B12 SUCCESSFUL Obedience Handling Handler




V1 1988 BMDCA National Specialty Stowe, VT
V2 1989 BMDCA National Specialty Phoenix, AZ
V3 1990 BMDCA National Specialty Wisconsin
V4 1991 BMDCA National Specialty Pittsburgh, PA
V5 1992 BMDCA National Specialty Colo. Springs, CO
V6 1993 BMDCA National Specialty Kansas City, MO
V7 1994 BMDCA National Specialty Carlisle, PA
V8 1995 BMDCA National Specialty Atlanta, GA
V9 AKC Breed Standard for Bernese Mountain Dog (old version)
V10 AKC Breed Standard for Bernese Mountain Dog (new version)
V11 June 9, 1991 CSKC Show
V12 Feb. 21, 1993 CKC Show
V14 Sept. 11-12, 1993 BMDCR Draft Test Ft. Collins
V15 Dogsteps, Elliott (see companion book above)
V16 Breed History Interview Video
V17 1996 BMDCA National Specialty San Francisco, Ca
V18 1997 BMDCA National Specialty Estes Park, Co.
V19 Massage Your Dog - The LANG Way Lang and Assoc.

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