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Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Growth

The  image below presents a graph of Bernese Mountain Dog registration statistics compiled from the AKC Gazette. Four different sets of numbers are shown. First there are the raw number of registrations for both individual dogs and entire litters (a breeder must register a litter before any dogs from that litter may be registered). These are the two upward sloping lines (red and black). The values are read on the left side axis.

Second there are the rankings of dogs and litters. The AKC rank orders all recognized breeds according to the number of registrations with #1 going to the most popular breed. These are the two downward sloping lines (blue and green). The values are read on the right side axis.

The graph covers from 1979 through 2004 and clearly shows a steady increase in registrations with a corresponding increase in popularity (i.e. decrease in rank number).

reggraph2004.jpg (39413 bytes)

Philip Shaffer,