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There are currently four informative breed books available in English. The Cochrane and Simonds books focus on the breed in England; the Russ and Rogers book along with the Smith book deal primarily with the breed in the United States. The Ludwig book provides a brief introduction to all four of the Swiss mountain dogs. The German language book is the most complete reference available. For those interested in draft work the Powell book is excellent.

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The Alpenhorn is a magazine containing articles on all aspects of the breed: showing, breeding, training, health issues, etc.  It is published six times a year, in alternate months, by the BMDCA.

The Illustrated Standard of the Bernese Mountain Dog. This version of the official standard includes pictures, illustrations and commentary to help both novice and expert better understand and interpret the AKC standard. It is available from the BMDCA.

The Bernese Mountain Dog video is part of the AKC video series. Like the illustrated standard it includes graphics and commentary to make the standard more understandable. It is available from the AKC store.

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