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Do you have dogs available now?

No, we don't currently have any dogs for adoption..

How many dogs do you place a year?

On average, we place about 5 dogs a year.

Do you place BMD's in my state?

We have placed dogs in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. The club actively searches for dogs in our region of responsibility that includes the states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana. If you do not live in one of these five states, you may still fill out a rescue application but the likelihood of receiving a dog is extremely remote. Instead, you should contact a club closer to you. See the list of other BMD clubs.

Berners cost too much from breeders; can I get one cheaper through rescue?

Our adoption fee is $300.00  This fee is used to cover costs and can vary, but is generally less than the price of a dog from a breeder.  The dog may be examined by a vet if necessary, all shots will be brought up to date, and we will spay/neuter if not already done. Any detected or suspected health problems will be checked out and treated if possible.

How long is your waiting list?

We keep a list of potential adopters. The dogs are not placed on a first-come, first-served basis, but rather as a best match to an adoptive home that will be the best place for the dog.

How long do you keep my adoption application active?

Please update your information every six months. After that, we will be less likely to contact you with a potential adoption.

Can I get a puppy through rescue?

It is not likely.

Where do your rescue Berners come from?

Pounds, shelter, surrenders directly to us by the owners, even just plain lost or abandoned.

Can I use this dog for breeding?

No. All Berners placed through the rescue program are spayed or neutered prior to release to the adoptive home.

Is there a guarantee?

Sorry, no. We collect whatever information on the dog that we can and pass all of it on to the potential adopters so that they can make an informed decision. But no one can foretell the future. If the adoption does not work out, you are required to surrender the dog back to the rescue program.

How well do they adjust to their new owners?

Very well. Even ones from caring homes have quickly re-attached to their new families.  It takes love and patience for all of them to adjust but so far, they have all done well.

Do your rescue dogs ever come with AKC registration papers?

Sometimes we get papers on surrendered Berners and gladly pass them on to adopters. It is helpful for health history. If the new owner wants to participate in AKC events, they can apply for an ILP number for the dog. The dog is then allowed to join in all AKC events other than conformation like any registered dog.

Do you ever place Bernese mixes?

The rescue group only places pure bred Bernese Mountain Dogs. However, we keep a list of potential homes that would also consider a BMD mix and if we locate a mix, we notify those homes of the dogs location and they may adopt the mix directly from the current owner or shelter. You may indicate your interest in a mix on the application.

What if I have a dog to surrender?

Call Ann Rutherford at 303-697-0258 if you have a dog that you need to surrender. This number is for surrenders and for reporting dogs in shelters/pounds only.

Do you have a foster home program?

Yes, we often need to place dogs in temporary foster homes while we arrange for veterinary evaluations, treatment, or just because the dog needs to leave his former home quickly.  If you would like to be a foster home please submit the foster home application form.

                                                  Foster Home Application

I want to get on your adopter list, what do I do now?

Please submit an adoption application form. 

                                                  Adoption Application

Cooper was a sweet and mellow 11 year old boy who unfortunately died while in foster care.  Older dogs can be difficult to place, so as you are looking for a rescue dog to adopt please don't forget the seniors.


Kurt found his new family and is getting along great with his new dog buddy.


Rowan was an incredibly sweet and loving boy who came to us from Utah when his guardian became ill. He had two torn knee ligaments that we needed to repair. He had a long recovery with his foster mom who eventually adopted him.  Please consider making a donation for his care using the Paypal button above.


Scarlet was an almost 9 year old who came to us with two tumors requiring surgery.  Finding homes for senior dogs - particularly ones with health issues - is difficult but a wonderful couple in Aurora stepped up and she is in their care now recovering. 


Norman has found his forever home!


Beulah came to us very overweight and in need of two major knee surgeries.  She has successfully gone through both TPLO repairs and has been adopted.  Her total vet bills were well over $5000 so please consider making a donation using the PayPal link above.

Scout has found a new home with all the resources needed to take care of him.  After a bad accident his leg was amputated but did not heal properly.  We were contacted and amputated some more of the leg and put him in a highly skilled foster home where he healed successfully.

Despite the generous donation of services from Dr. Fuselier and Dr. Bauer we still have considerable expenses for this sweet guy. Please consider making a donation using the button above.

Philip Shaffer,